Co-Founder, CTO

Polygon is a digital psychology practice specializing in remote evaluations for ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences, providing timely, affordable services with the convenience of technology and experienced clinicians. They partner broadly for comprehensive support.


Fractional CTO, Board Member

Dillygence specializes in Industry 4.0 solutions, leveraging AI to optimize plant performance. Their DispoX platform offers digital twin technology for effective decision-making and profitability across all stages of factory evolution.

Auberge de Cercoux

Digital and Business Strategy

L'Auberge de Cercoux offers varied culinary experiences in a welcoming environment, featuring their gourmet restaurant Le Silène, a traditional Bistro, personalized catering, and a unique, locally-sourced butcher's shop.


Co-Founder, CEO

CalAster is a transformative tech startup, dedicated to revolutionizing emergency response systems through AI and offering comprehensive mental health solutions for high-stress professions such as first responders.

Fujitsu Laboratories

Deep Learning Researcher

Fujitsu Laboratories is a renowned research division of the Fujitsu Group, globally collaborating to innovate technology solutions. It focuses on ICT systems, services, and actively participates in global research partnerships.


Data Scientist

Sysnav provides precise geolocation and navigation solutions utilizing its patented Magneto-Inertial Technology. This innovation enables accurate 3D positioning across complex environments, compensating for GPS limitations. It has wide applications, including medical, industrial sectors, aeronautics, and autonomous vehicles.